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flipping book



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Product catalogue flipping book, how to use!

  • A flash player for the browser is required and must be active.

  • Please click on the picture to the left! Starting the flipping book takes a while.

  • After the catalogue is open, the mouse operates as follows:

  • One click with your left mouse button on the page scales up the page content. Another click with your left mouse button on the page scales the content of this page down again.

  • If the page is scaled up: If you move your cursor to the top, then the view scrolls upwards, moving the cursor down will let the view scroll downwards.

  • Mouse wheel turn downwards scrolls to the next page. Mouse wheel turn upwards scrolls to the previous page.

  • Move the cursor on the blue top header and click on the white page number. You can now directly type any page number, but no catalogue page number to get any pages ahead or back.

  • In the search field you can enter any words (at least three characters) you are looking for.

  • The lower menu is largely self-explanatory.

  • To get back to the homepage click on the back button at the browser bar.

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