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work safety and health


REACH Regualtion (EC) Nr. 1907/2006

Derar customers

In the context of an internal audit the REACH regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 was examined for introduction. Within the danger chain we are the repeated inserter of the danger materials. From our suppliers the safety data sheets were requested and internally filed.

Our products partially contain in bound form various metals which are listed with the R-sentences R11-R42/43 and R53.
The dangers of these metals refer mainly to the inhalation of its dust. In appropriate use of our products, thus with water cooling there is no dust arising, on the other hand it is set free so little that no precarious MAC can occur.

For this reason we can assure our customers the fact that the tools we supply fulfill the laws in the context of this regulation and can be documented at any time.
For further questions and requests which may develop in this regard, please get in touch with our internal contact person Mr. Felix Alder

Reach letter to customers
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